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Pullup pants

If you require discreet incontinence underwear pads which are secure and highly absorbent, AMD Pants are an ideal solution. Absorbent, ultra-comfortable and reassuring, AMD Pants disposable pullups are used like ordinary underwear.  AMD Pants are suitable for men or women with light, medium or heavy incontinence.   

AMD Pants are disposable incontinence underwear with a soft. elasticated waistband that ensures comfort and security.  Available in a range of sizes, it adapts to natural lines and it slips on easily and quickly.

Designed to cope with moderate-to-heavy urine leakage, AMD Pants come in four different absorbencies. Integral protection, pleasant-feeling and discreet with anti-odour sensors, AMD Pants is the ideal product for particularly active men and women with a need for incontinence underwear.

  • Perfectly matches natural lines
  • Rapid absorption with a keep-dry system
  • Outer “fabric-feel” covering, soft and discreet
  • Odour-free system to prevent unpleasant smells
  • Hermetically reliable with anti-leakage protectors
  • Breathable belt to protect the skin
  • Discreet disposal with its adhesive wrapper


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